AARON GRYDER, SINGING KITTY, WINNER: “I got to work her the other day, and it was very nice that they gave me the mount. I originally got the mount because Tyler Baze was going out of town – his horse cancelled last week, and it’s nice to see someone keep their word. They said ‘His horse cancelled, but you get the call.’ She worked really well the other day on the grass, and the whole key was getting her to settle. Today she settled great. I was just waiting for a little bit of a seam – I got it turning for home, and she really leveled out. They did a great job getting her to settle down and stretch out. She had a great trip. I figured the 4 horse (Heat the Rocks) would show a little more speed, but I knew she didn’t engage somebody on the backside. I was able to follow some live horses and find a seam.”


            ELVIS TRUJILLO, HEAT THE ROCKS, SECOND: “It was good, it was a good run. She sat behind the speed, she was ready to run and when I opened her up we got caught right away.”




MATT CHEW, SINGING KITTY, WINNER: “She was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who suggested that I take a look at her. I brought it up to the owners and we all agreed to take a shot.

“We threw her into the Blue Norther to see how she would handle the turf and the distance and we felt like off that race, into today would be a drop in class. We thought it was a strong race and she gave a good showing. She has adapted to the turf well. I’ve breezed her over it and she seems to love it.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Chris Aulds, Brandon Hillman and Peter Jeong.