MIKE SMITH, MY SWEET ADDICTION, WINNER: “With her and especially in this race, we let her decide what strategy she wanted to use. We’ve found that if you just get along with her she runs better, whether that be on the lead or just off of it. When you try to make her do something she seems to want to do the opposite; I just go with her and it works. After the scratch of Beholder it certainly played out the way I thought it would. We controlled the speed and it was just a matter of if she was going to bring her ‘A’ game and she brought her A+ game today and we needed that.”


TYLER BAZE, WARREN’S VENEDA, THIRD: “They went way too slow. I had a good trip, we got to save all the ground and my mare really ran good, but the winner just had a lot left.”




MARTY JONES, MY SWEET ADDICTION, WINNER: “Mike (Smith) rode a great race. Finally, things fell into place. It was a long journey getting her here. She had some problems where she was getting out real bad, and we’ve always wanted to run her long, but she kept having trouble with the turns.

“She finally got to handling the turns well and we got her to run long, and that’s what she wanted to do. It took a lot longer to get to this point than I thought it would, but we got there. Everything worked out well . . . Everything just fell into place for this race. Sometimes things go that way, you know. My mare had a great trip. The pace wasn’t too hot, Mike had her right where he wanted to be; everything just fell into place today. Sometimes things happen like that.”


RICHARD MANDELLA, GAS TOTAL, SECOND: “She made a nice run, got black type for a Grade I.”


NOTES: Winning owner/breeder Pamela C. Ziebarth is from San Juan Capistrano.