RAFAEL BEJARANO, AVANTI BELLO, WINNER: “I thought he rushed too much in his last out at Los Alamitos when I saw it. He still ran well and finished well in the end but I knew (what I would do differently.)

“I knew Boozer and Songforjohnmichael were coming from shorter distances and were going to show more speed today. I pretended to go to the lead to make the other horses go, they went and I found my position and waited as long as I could until the right moment. I knew that Soi Phet was going to come running in the end so I wanted to save a little bit.

“I thought we won. When we got to the stretch I still had a little horse and he was fine.”


KENT DESORMEAUX, SOI PHET, SECOND: “Gallant effort, I thought I won. I thought I won.”





            DOUG O’NEILL, AVANTI BELLO, WINNER: “Rafael thought he was like riding a bike a little in that you have to keep (his) mind on the game. But, at the same time he’s a horse that is very tempting to shoot off to the lead early with because he has the gate speed. Rafael chose to sit in a reserved spot and when he called on him, he chirped at him he had saved enough for the end.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Steve Keh of Glendale, CA, Jim Richardson of Danville, CA, Pablo Suarez of Valencia, CA, Tom Roberts of Corona, CA and Wonderland Racing Stables of Orange, Connecticut.