ALEX SOLIS, STAYS IN VEGAS, WINNER: “It went perfect today. I worked her last week and she worked very impressively, she gave me a nice turn of foot. Today, I thought I’d be lying right behind the speed; I wanted to follow Gary, he had the filly to beat. When I got to the stretch I got in the clear and she kicked on nicely. When I visualized this race, it happened the way I thought it would.

“My filly, she went in towards the rail a tiny bit but I corrected her right away and I didn’t think she touched anybody.

“At this point she acts very professional and she did everything I asked of her.”


GARY STEVENS, LUCKY FOLIE, DISQUALIFIED FROM SECOND TO THIRD: “It wasn’t the difference between me or the winner (the incident). The winner would have gone by me. I had to stand up to help Tyler (Baze, on his inside aboard Mirage) out; there wasn’t a whole lot of room there to begin with.

“She wasn’t really rank but she pulled on me nice and steady. She didn’t get tired; I would keep her on turf.”




JERRY HOLLENDORFER, STAYS IN VEGAS, WINNER: Asked about running her on turf for the first time: “There are a lot of opportunities on turf in California, so we decided to work her on turf and see how she liked it. She really liked it a lot.

“I just told Alex to get her away from the gate and try not to take a hold of her and get her trapped. I think she rated nicely down inside and never panicked about being in there. When Alex asked her to come off the rail, she came off handily and did her job.”


JIM ROME, JUNGLE RACING, STAYS IN VEGAS, WINNER: “Today is one of my favorite days in my life. There were just so many things that we didn’t know. ‘Would she handle the grass? Would she be able to relax and stretch out like she did?’ She answered those questions. She ran like the boss, like a champ.”

WHEN ASKED TO EXPRESS WHAT RACING MANAGER ALEX SOLIS, JR., HAS MEANT TO HIS RACING SUCCESS: “He’s my trusted advisor. He manages the horses and along with Jason Litt, he’s been brilliant. We’ve been together since (we had two-time Breeders’ Cup winner) Mizdirection, for about four or five years.”

KEVIN NISCH, KMN RACING, LLC, MAJORITY OWNER, STAYS IN VEGAS: “Jim was already in on Mizdirection and then I came in, that’s how we became pals. Jim and I have had good success owning horses together. Alex Solis (Jr.) and Jason Litt have done a great job with our bloodstock business.”


DOUG O’NEILL, TRAINER OF 9-5 FAVORITE, JAKABY JADE, WHO FINISHED SIXTH: “Rafael (Bejarano) said she lost her left front shoe and her left hind shoe on the first turn. She never really had a clean shot; she was stuck down inside. We’ll re-group.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Jim Rome of Los Angeles (Jungle Racing, LLC); Kevin Nisch of Fairfield, CA (KMN Racing LLC); and Jamie Roth of Great Neck, NY (LNJ Foxwoods).