GARY STEVENS, GO WEST MARIE, WINNER: “A great trip. Eddie’s done a great job with this filly, and I got on her at the right time. I learned a lot about her. I asked him last time if I could just sit on her and be quiet with her. It worked out well – she exploded with me the last eighth, and I rode her the same way today even though we were shortening up and there was so much speed. The key with a filly like this is they’re professional – let them settle and they’re going to finish for you.

“I followed Velvet Mesquite (with Mike Smith up), and she gave me a great lead. Mike’s horse clipped heels just before we crossed the dirt, and I was directly behind him, and I could tell we were getting up close. But I was able to duck to the inside.”


TYLER BAZE, HOME JOURNEY, SECOND: “She may have been a little tired. She ran really hard. We were flyin’ but she was doing it with her ears pricked. I think it’s better to let them go fast than to take hold of them and fight. I just let her go. She can be temperamental so I just wanted to get along with her the best I could. She ran a huge race, she really did. She gave it all she had.”



EDDIE TRUMAN, GO WEST MARIE, WINNER: “This race wasn’t really our choice. We think she’s better going long but we wanted a Cal-bred race. Her last race was in open company and this really was our only option for Cal-breds. Gary (Stevens) said he would ride her the same, just sit on her, dead last and . . . before she has run down the hill and been on the lead, so really, she’ll do anything. She is just so sweet. She’s maturing and getting so much smarter and kinder.”


NOTES: The winning owner is Peter Redekop of Vancouver, British Columbia.