UMBERTO RISPOLI, SWORD ZORRO, WINNER: “The horse had his first start here at six and a half, but we could see that race came up pretty fast. There was a lot of speed in the race and he was the only horse making ground in that race, and from where he was to how he finished,  it was a huge effort, so obviously that gets me thinking the horse has to improve. In the right spot, the right distance he’s going to improve and that’s what he did today. The horse is still green. I could (of won) by more lengths I think, but once I took the lead, he was just looking around and I think he could be much better than what he showed today.”



            ALEX BISONO, ASST. TRAINER, SWORD ZORRO, WINNER: “He was very green in his first start and Umberto said he was a little green today when he made the lead.  He’s always trained well and we were really hoping he’d put it all together today.  This is the way he wants to run.”


            NOTES: The winning owner is Yuesheng Zhang.