RAFAEL BEJARANO, BARUTA, WINNER: “I talked with Richard this morning and he told me that she’s a special mare in the gate and not to fight with her in there. Just let her break and when I felt comfortable to put her in the race.

“I knew Amaranth and Velvet Mesquite were going to be the speed. I figured I would get a good break, get my position and she showed me a big kick after we crossed the dirt.

“I would say that every year, meet by meet, I work really hard and since my agent retired, I got a new agent, Tora Yamaguchi, and I’m really happy with him. He does a great job and the good thing about him is that he’s very humble, he works every day and he doesn’t give up. I’m really happy.”


KENT DESORMEAUX, VELVET MESQUITE, SECOND: “Today was a dramatic difference. I’ve only ridden her twice and she didn’t run on the dirt. She really gave me some effort today, probably a lifetime best. I was very pleased with her effort. She’s a pleasure to ride.”




ALBERTO FIGUEIREDO, RACING MANAGER FOR RIO DOIS IRMAOS, LLC: “We’re very happy with how she ran. Richard (Mandella) has done the job and the mare had racing on her mind. She settled nicely today and she loves to come back fresh, so that was good. This was her last race. She’s going to Kentucky to be bred but we have not finalized plans yet.”


NOTES: The winning owner is Rio Dois Irmaos, LLC of Rio de Janeiro.