EDWIN MALDONADO, MERNEITH, WINNER: “I’m just so happy, it’s another dream of mine to win for Bob Baffert. It took a while but we got it done. I just want to thank Bob (for) giving me an opportunity to ride this nice filly.

“At first she broke good, I looked over and I see Mike Smith (Golden Principal) and he was right next to me and I’m like ‘Oh, what do I do? Should I let him go or no.?’ but it worked out good, Mike stayed off of me and we both relaxed. Going into the race Bob was telling me she was doing good and had good works.”



          BOB BAFFERT, MERNEITH, WINNER: “I had like five fillies for the race and I ended up with three and I needed a rider. The one thing about Edwin is he’s probably one of the best speed gate riders there is. This filly, every time I run her, I expect her to win and she gets beat and I’ve been really surprised she hadn’t done what she’s done and today she showed it. I’m just really happy for him, he did a fantastic job getting out of the gate, she relaxed. She looks like American Pharoah to me, when she came in, she looked almost like a spitting image of him. I’m glad they are starting to run now. To me it means more to American Pharoah than anything else but the ownership, the Prince , I was telling him how high I was on this filly. Today is the day she finally showed what she has and that was a pretty tough field of horses that she beat. To win one-two-three, it was nice cheering down the lane.”

            NOTES: The winning owner is HRH Prince Sultan Bin Mishal Al Saud.