FLAVIEN PRAT, KANTHAKA, WINNER: “He gave me a great run and he did everything right. He broke like a bullet but then we had quite a lot of speed in front of us. So he sat really nicely behind the speed and made a really nice run around the turn and after that it was done.”


DRAYDEN VAN DYKE, AX MAN, FIFTH:  “I was completely screwed by the two (Mr. Jaggermeister).  He had me down on the rail and he was done at the three eighths pole, but he kept me in tight. My horse got tired, but he never got a breather.  I would completely throw this race out.”




JERRY HOLLENDORFER, KANTHAKA, WINNER: “We thought we had a good chance because we thought a lot of speed would be in there, which there was. They went 22 and 44, so we thought we might have a chance to close them down, especially the way he broke his maiden. He got in trouble, and then still won, so that was pretty impressive.”

(Next race? “We’re going to monitor things and see how it goes.”


JEFF LIFSON, WEST POINT THOROUGHBREDS, KANTHAKA, WINNER: “This feels great. It never gets old. We were hoping that he can rate and not get too far behind the speed and Flavien just rode him perfectly. He responded well in the stretch and we knew he tries really hard and he lived up to what we thought he would do. So, we’re really happy. We’re hoping that he can stretch out. We’ll find that out but I have a feeling we’ll try two turns and will see how it goes.”


NOTES:  This was the 100th stakes win for owners West Point Thoroughbreds.