UMBERTO RISPOLI, RED KING, WINNER: “It’s fantastic. It was my first time going from the top of the downhill and I couldn’t understand how we cannot race so much on this track, it is beautiful. The grass is amazing, it’s a really good track. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone so far in a race because in Europe we used to go quite enough every day. But it was a good feeling, obviously you need a horse like that.

“I would say I’ve had a great start with Ron (Anderson, agent), he helped me a lot at the beginning. He’s the one who brought me here to America and I’ll always tell him thanks forever. Turning the page when the COVID started, Ron made a decision and I went with Scotty (McClellan). I actually got my first graded win with Scotty  and I’m very happy with that. I’m working with a lot of good riders. I learn everyday. I’m happy, I couldn’t believe that I won so many winners in my first year in America, but I’m thinking this is only the beginning. I wish to go much, much further than that.”


PHILIP D’ AMATO, RED KING, WINNER:   “Growing up here in LA, this was always one of my favorite races as a kid.  I remember I used to like to stand on apron way past the wire and watch them come home in this race, just so I could take it all in.  It’s just an amazing race and it’s really cool to win it.  My horse won his last race and that picked his confidence up.  It looked like maybe the favorite moved a little soon and Umberto was in the right spot.”

NOTES: The winning owners are  Little Red Feather Racing, Gordon Jacobsen, and  Philip Belmonte.