KENT DESORMEAUX, CRUCERO, WINNER: “Keith prepped him in a mile and a quarter race just 10 days (actually seven) ago and I think he was a better horse today because of it. He was aggressive last time and he just cantered around the racetrack today and had tons sanleft down the lane.

“It didn’t play out exactly like I thought it would but I liked my position throughout the race, was happy with my situation until the three-eighths pole, but got outrun by Decisive Edge and Flavien Prat from the three- eighths pole to the quarter pole when they engaged from the inside but they couldn’t sustain that move and Crucero did.

“Some horses want a mile and three quarters; he could run two miles. He should probably live in Europe where they run that distance often. America needs some more two-mile races.”




KEITH DESORMEAUX, CRUCERO, WINNER: On what signs the horse showed that he was OK to run back in seven days: “The typical signs after a horse runs a tough race are, they come out of the feed tub, they might not have as much enthusiasm during training, they lose a little weight; typical stuff, and he didn’t show any of those signs during the week. I did the best I could to convince myself not to run back in a week.

“But this race stared me in the face, a mile and three-quarters, and with that long, lumbering stride he has, plus the fact that he can cover it so well, I just had to do it. Definitely (the favorite, Going Somewhere, getting out on the turns) helped us out. I just told Kent in the paddock that it’s all about putting the horse to sleep the first part of the race. It doesn’t matter if they run the half in 46 or 51, it’s how well your horse is relaxed during the first part of the race. It’s of ultimate importance in a mile and three-quarter race, and that’s exactly what he did; he put him to sleep.”


NEIL DRYSDALE, GOING SOMEWHERE, SECOND: “We had trouble with the bit, we had the wrong bit on him. He ran dynamite considering Mike couldn’t steer him.”


NOTES: The winning owner is Matt Bryan of Flower Mound, Texas, who races as Big Chief Racing LLC.