TYLER BAZE, ITSINTHEPOST, WINNER: “I looked at the Form and it was run the exact way I thought it would be. He always gives you 100 percent. He’s a barn favorite. Galindo gets on him in the mornings and he knows this horse so well, and then I get on him in the afternoons and I know him so well. It’s really been a team effort. It’s been special for all of us.

“I really just wanted to get him out of there and get to the right spot, let him get into a groove and it played out just the way I thought it would today.”


DRAYDEN VAN DYKE, FLAMBOYANT, SECOND:  “It’s my first time riding him and I was a little surprised early because it seemed like he was a little lazy. But down the backside, I was smiling…I was wishing they were going a little faster in front because he came running. He ran big.”




JEFF MULLINS, ITSINTHEPOST, WINNER: “The cut back in distance is always a concern but the way he’s been training has just been unbelievable. He’s been full of energy and I knew if he got the trip he’d get the job done.

“We’ve never really had a plan with this horse, we just kind of go with the flow and when he tells us he’s ready to go, we go. But obviously, when a mile and a half races show up we have to start sharpening the knife.

“I think he’s definitely better at a mile and a quarter or further but  as well as he’s been doing, he’s been really, really fresh, that I knew if he got the trip he’d be ok and he got that trip.

“We’ve had a few options thrown at us we’re just not sure what we’ll do yet.”


 TIM COHEN, CO-OWNER ITSINTHEPOST, WINNER:  “We thought the speed would go and it looked like he used him a little in the early part of the race but this is certainly what we were hoping for.

“It’s been gratifying to see him progress. The good thing is that Itsinthepost only had to spend a little time at Rancho Temescal early in his career, he was a bit colicky. The last two years he’s been at the track and just consistent as ever.”

“Jeff’s done a great job with him and so has Tyler. I talked to my dad on the phone today at home and we thought it would set up like it did. The speed went and Tyler could sit and make a run.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Jed & Roberta Cohen and their kids, who race as Red Baron’s Barn, LLC, and reside in Los Angeles.

Santa Anita Racing Director, Dan Eidson, presents the trophy to winning owner Tim Cohen of Red Baron’s Barn, LLC (navy polo shirt)

Zoe Metz Photography