ELVIS TRUJILLO, PARRANDA, WINNER: “Yeah, I’m happy with today. I was comfortable that she could finish strong. I knew I had a lot of speed and I was going to move at the five-eighths. Desormeaux’s horse (Dutchessa) being up there with (Kathleen Rose) really helped us today. I sat off those two and then moved.”

EDWIN MALDONADO, KATHLEEN ROSE, SECOND: “She ran awesome, she’s doing really well. She ran a huge race. We got chased a little bit by a horse that didn’t have any shot in the race (Kent Desormeaux on Dutchessa); otherwise I think I would have been there on the wire. I thought I would be alone on the lead. I’m happy with her performance today.”

MIKE SMITH, MOULIN DE MOUGIN, THIRD: “Great trip. I can’t complain a bit. She got banged around a bit (on the first turn) and that caused her to step on herself. That took a bit of a quarter off (off her foot). But other than that, she ran extremely well, she had a great trip, she ran on through the wire and she ran a great third.


JERRY HOLLENDORFER, PARRANDA, WINNER: “Elvis (Trujillo) rode a real good race, real smart, and helped us to win the race. We wanted to try and get out of there (the gate) and be tactical.”

MIKE MACHOWSKY, KATHLEEN ROSE, SECOND: “She ran great. This is big for her.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Gillian Campbell of Naples, FL; Dan Gatto of Encinitas, CA; Jerry Hollendorfer of Point Richmond, CA; Dan Clark, and Greg Skoda.