JOEL ROSARIO, BEAU RECALL, WINNER: “I was running from behind but she broke really well . . .For a second, I had fallen back a bit but she was happy where she was and I didn’t want to pressure her if she didn’t really want to go. I was ready when she wanted to do it. She ran the way she wanted to and really had a tremendous finish. I was waiting for her because I wanted her to really follow the speed. By the 3/8 pole I tapped her a little, worked her up a bit and that’s when she just took off really well.”


RAJIV MARAGH, THUNDERING SKY, SECOND: “She ran great. They got the jump on me around the turn, but I had to wait. I wanted to wait to the last minute for her to make her run. She finished really good . . . I don’t think she saw the winner.”


KENT DESORMEAUX, MADAME STRIPES, THIRD: “We didn’t get any help up front. That 24.0 in the first quarter were pedestrian. Normally we are 12 lengths back, but they were going so slow, I was out front. It turned into a sprint the last 3/16 and that is not her cup of tea. She could have gone around again. I thought she was phenomenal today under the circumstances.”




SIMON CALLAGHAN, BEAU RECALL, WINNER: “I was worried when they went pretty slow in front. We were hoping for some hot fractions, but she’s just got such a turn of foot and a real big heart. She’s small in physique, but she’s such a tough filly. She deserved it. She had been running so many good races and just coming up short. She really deserved it today.”


NICK COSATO, BEAU RECALL, WINNER: “Joel gave her a great ride today. She was back there and they set fairly moderate fractions. He rode her to perfection. He broke great on her and Simon has done such an amazing job.

“Beau Recall is my all-time favorite . . . she has that big prophet’s thumb on the side of her neck. It supposedly brings good fortune, but I’ve never had a horse with it. She’s just so sweet, she’s like a pet. Yet, if you get behind her, she’ll kick ya! That run, she’s not big…there’s just a lot to like about her.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Slam Dunk Racing or Medallion Racing.