KENT DESORMEAUX, DECKED OUT, WINNER: “I wouldn’t compare the journey (today) to her mental progress. The reason she had that trip, last time, was because I had to bury her, she wanted the race Quarter Horse style. She’s been that way since the first day she’s run. Now, she’s matured. She’s letting me drive, instead of wanting to go (all) out.”




KEITH DESORMEAUX, DECKED OUT, WINNER: “There’s no doubt (the added distance helped). We finally figured it out after 10 races . . . She doesn’t want to be pushed on, she wants to sit chilly and let her do it on her own, and that’s what Kent did. He never moved on her the whole race. All he does is point her in the right direction.

“I wish I could say that I’ve done something different with her, but really, it’s just been the switch to turf that’s turned her around. It only took us about eight races to figure out that we should try the grass, and really, that’s been the biggest reason.”


GENE VOSS, PART OWNER, DECKED OUT, WINNER: “With these conditions, I didn’t know what to expect, but of course, what do I know? She ran great.


NOTES: The winning owners are Gene Voss of San Antonio and Matt Bryan (Big Chief Racing) of Ft. Worth.