VICTOR ESPINOZA, BELVOIR BAY, WINNER: “It was good today, she was good. She’s an excellent filly. I worked her before down at Del Mar after the fires and I thought she was pretty amazing but I didn’t even know who I was on at the time.

“I was really excited for her to run because of the way she was working but then I had to go to Dubai so Peter put Tyler (Baze) on when I was away and she won and then sure enough, she won again. Obviously, today, I’m just lucky to be on her. I knew she could win but I didn’t think she would win this easy.

“I was tracking the leaders and was right in behind those horses and I couldn’t move out or in so I just had to wait for a little gap between them. If I have a lot of horse it’s easy to go through a hole that small and that’s all I needed. When they opened up across the dirt that was it for her.”




PETER MILLER, BELVOIR BAY, WINNER: “Victor worked her a couple of times down at Del Mar but he went to Dubai so he missed the mount on her and Tyler picked it up. It’s kind of justice now that Tyler rode her and won on her twice and now that Tyler is hurt and is off today, Victor got his chance to get back on her and he rode a perfect race today.

“She’s something else. She instills a lot of confidence in you as a trainer but you still need to get the trip. I was a little concerned whether she was going to get through or not but Victor somehow got through. He kind of weaseled his way between the five and the 10 and he got a little bit of room…it’s a good thing she’s small. Her 980 pounds came in handy.”




 GARY BARBER, CO-OWNER, BELVOIR BAY, WINNER:  “She’s amazing.  She’s been in the money almost every time we’ve run her.  It’s nice to have a horse that just fires every single time.  I love this hillside course.  There’s nothing else like it in America.  It’s unique, that’s what I love about it…The mountains as a backdrop…it’s just beautiful.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Team Valor International and Gary Barber.