VICTOR ESPINOZA, ROVENNA, WINNER: “I was surprised that Wonderful Lie went to the lead. I thought Magic Spot would, but not her, but that’s what happens in races, you never know.

“She relaxed well. I think she can go either way. She can be on the lead or come from off the pace. Especially today, going long, I wanted to save as much as possible. I knew it would be a little hard for her since she ran recently.

“She’s maturing. She was still green and running all over before. She’s more professional now. I can run her off the pace or in the front, I have more options now.”

COREY NAKATANI, WONDERFUL LIE, SECOND: “She did a great job. I tried to stay out of her way, but we got beat by a pretty nice filly today. You know what, you can’t ask them to do any more than what she did today. She did everything to win the race and the horse that beat her was a pretty nice filly. She gave a tremendous effort to win the race and that’s all you can ask them to do. She knows she did everything. She didn’t end up getting her picture taken, but she did everything she was supposed to do. It’s a shame there’s only one winner right now.”

RAFAEL BEJARANO, SWISS LAKE YODELER, THIRD: “I had a good trip. I kept her up close to the pace and I moved with the winner (Rovenna) but she was much the best today. The horse that went to the lead (Wonderful Lie) ended up hanging on as well. It was a good race but no excuses.”


MIKE MACHOWSKY, ROVENNA, WINNER: “She’s just game. She does everything you ask of her. This is back in three weeks, and I’ve always kind of spaced her races out a little bit more, but this type of money, how do you pass it up?

“Victor (Espinoza) rode her great. I told him in the paddock, I said, ‘Be a little aggressive and ride her like California Chrome.’ Now she’s got some seasoning, she’s getting better and better. We’re still eligible for open non-winners. With the Cal-bred program, it’s great. I’m going to give her a little freshening now. I don’t know when we’ll run her. Back in three weeks wasn’t ideal. We’ll look for something else here somewhere during the meet . . . If we can get a spot somewhere and try a little graded race to help out her residual value, we’ll consider that.”

NOTES: Winning owner/breeder Donald Dizney is from Ocala, FL.