AARON GRYDER, RUBY BRADLEY, WINNER: “She runs well, she runs hard every time. She’s a filly you really have to work with and convince her to really pick it up. She’s not overly aggressive. Today I told the pony girl, ‘turn me lose, I want her to pull on me,’ so I warmed her up alone and she got a little sharp in the first turn, but it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted her underneath me and because of that she was very responsive when I asked her to run. I wasn’t concerned with the time. I was in contact with them and if I was good enough and she was good enough, we only had a couple of lengths to make up. I was very pleased with the position we had.”


PHIL D’AMATO, RUBY BRADLEY, WINNER, AND VILLETTE SZABO, THIRD: “She’s kind of been unlucky to not break her maiden by now. She didn’t get the greatest of rides up at Golden Gate but I was intent on running her anyway. I felt the longer (the distance) the better and Aaron (Gryder) gave her a superb ride.”


NICK ALEXANDER, OWNER/BREEDER, RUBY BRADLEY, WINNER: Origin of the name: “Ruby Bradley was the most decorated woman soldier in World War II. She was a flight nurse in the Philippines. Her job was taking wounded soldiers from the battlefield to the field hospitals in an old plane. The plane didn’t have Red Cross markings or anything, so she got shot at, was in a prison camp in the Philippines for three years. After the war, she volunteered for Korea, did the same thing there, but she’s a Medal of Honor winner and a wonderful woman.

“This filly’s mother (Sudden Sunday) never got to win a stakes. She ran fifth in a stakes beaten a length and a half so it’s kind of cool that this filly won one.

“This is our third winner in this race. Enola Grey won this race, then S Y Sky won it a couple years ago. This is the  first foal out of the mare that never won a stake but got close several times and we always thought she would be a good broodmare. We liked this filly but her first couple of races were ho-hum. I think Aaron did an awesome job today.

“The breeders’ awards and stallion awards make the Cal-bred program a phenomenal one. I am shocked that there are not more people taking advantage of it because it is a way to have a farm and have a farm pay for itself with all the bonus programs. This was a lot of fun.”

NOTES: The winning owner/breeder is Nick Alexander.