FLAVIEN PRAT, ONE BAD BOY, WINNER: “He was going along effortlessly, but we got no breaks.  They were on top of me the whole race.  He’s getting really good again, as you can see.  He fought those horses off and showed a lot of heart.  We’ve always thought he was a good horse.”


RICHARD BALTAS, ONE BAD BOY, WINNER: “He missed the break last time (Aug.29 at Del Mar). He’s a free running horse who has a lot of talent. He had to overcome a physical issue, so he’s had a long time off and he was working really, really well coming into this race. Flavien worked him the last couple of times and he was kind of in love with him so I felt confident today that the horse would run well.

“He’s actually pretty good around the barn but when he’s ready to run he’ll start pawing and start acting up a little bit. I tried to pet him and he wanted no part of it,  in the Paddock he was just jumping up and down, so I said, ‘let’s just (saddle him) on the walk, I don’t want to get him upset.’

“The owners are very patient, Steve Young is a first-class guy and he just says, ‘Whenever he’s ready Richie, bring him back.’ We had to give him a good six months.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Sayjay Racing LLC, Greg Hall and Brooke Hubbard.