ELVIS TRUJILLO, SI SAGE, WINNER: “He breezed with blinkers and he breezed very well so they wanted to keep them on. He’s a very nice horse. He’s from France so I think he’s used to the softer turf. We sat behind and he was ready to go in the stretch.

“I rode him the time before his last race and I told Darrell Vienna that I thought he needed blinkers. He said we’ll wait, race him without and then work him with the blinkers and see how it goes. He worked with them and he worked so good. I knew he could win.

“Darrell told me that ‘You know the horse, you work him, it’s your decision where to place him in the race.’ ”


MIKE SMITH, BIG JOHN B, EIGHTH AND LAST: “The grass was way too soft for him today. He wasn’t even about to pick his feet up.”



DARRELL VIENNA, SI SAGE, WINNER: “I think the blinkers made a difference on this horse. Elvis had been working him, he said maybe blinkers would help and I think he was right. I trained him once in them before but I didn’t think he liked them. He worked very well in his last work with the blinkers. Frankly, I was hoping they would make a difference for him.

“I wasn’t actually looking at the fractions, I was watching him, and frankly I was never worried. I thought he was always running pretty easily. I should say I was a little worried early when he was tugging, but after he settled on the turn, I felt pretty good, and then I could see he wasn’t asking him at all, and then he did.”

What did he prove to you today? “He proved that finally he can win a race for us.”


RICHARD MANDELLA, GANESH, SECOND: “He ran real good. He got a nice race into him the other day. A mile and a half is probably what he really wants, but he ran a nice race. He had a little bit of traffic trouble there, but I’m very happy to be where we are.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Jed and Roberta Cohen of Los Angeles (Red Baron’s Baron LLC) and Rancho Temescal.