JOHN VELAZQUEZ, JUDY THE BEAUTY, WINNER: “When she broke I wanted to make sure she got a position that she was comfortable with. She’s normally more in-hand during the post parade and she was quiet and when she got into the gate she was very quiet. So when we came out of the there I gave her a little hit (with the reins) to come out running, and she did. I wish I didn’t do it because we ended up being too close to the pace. It was a perfect trip though and she handled it very well. I know she can get to the lead and wait on horses so I just showed her the whip and she went on very nicely.”


BLAKE HEAP (WESLEY WARD ASST), JUDY THE BEAUTY, WINNER: “Wesley did everything. All I did was fluff her pillow, put new shoes on her and keep her happy. He gets all the credit. She came out here perfect.

“She’s (pace-setter, Munnings Sister) very fast. Wesley was a bit concerned about that.

“(Judy the Beauty) is usually on the go. She must be getting older because she got here all settled down, schooled real quiet, saddled real easy. Even Jonnny made a comment that she seems especially quiet for her. Out of the gate he said he shook the reins at here a little to make sure she (would go.)

“She’ll go to Keeneland now. He said next Wednesday she would probably ship but if the plane becomes available he’s liable to change his mind. Weather (there) could be a factor as well. He was going to prep her for a race there and we talked about doing six furlongs with her, before (going) seven so that’s what he decided.”

NOTES: The winning owner is also trainer, Wesley Ward of Hallandale, Florida.