TYLER BAZE, BRIGHT THOUGHT, WINNER: “Being on the lead with Big Kick didn’t bother me at all. I have watched Bright Thought’s replays and I’ve been watching him race for a year-and-a-half. I’ve been trying to get on him for over a year-and-a-half. So when they gave me the opportunity to get on I had complete confidence in him. Phil (D’Amato, trainer) has done a good job with him and he’s given me the opportunity so I did what I could with that opportunity and hopefully I’m on him next time.”


JOE TALAMO, FINNEGANS WAKE, SECOND: “I had a great trip. He tried his tail off. Hats off to the winner; he was too much today.”


MIKE SMITH, BIG JOHN B, THIRD: “They went fast up front but they just didn’t come back any. The turf is brand new and they’re just cruising over it.

“That horse really runs well for Tyler, (Baze, who was on winner Bright Thought). He just keeps running for him. My horse is really good at a mile and a half, so he needs that extra quarter mile to work with. It will really help him. He’s a true miler, quarter of a mile, or mile and a half horse. He may be even better at a mile and a half. If you notice his margin of victories in his longer races, you can see the difference.”




PHIL D’AMATO, BRIGHT THOUGHT, WINNER, AND BIG JOHN B., THIRD: “This is the second race I’ve had him (Bright Thought). I’ve probably had him for two months. He’s just a classy horse. Last time I don’t think I used his best asset, his speed, to full advantage. This time I wanted to sharpen him up and use that speed, and Tyler (Baze) used it perfectly today.

Asked about Big John B. being that far back: “This will set him up for that mile and a half (Breeders’ Cup Turf) as well. Mike Smith jumped off and said, ‘mile and a half.’ The horse came with a run and he ran well. I always thought a mile and quarter was probably as short as I’d go with Big John (B.). A mile and a half, a mile and three-eighths is right in his wheel house.

“We’re probably looking for the same (Turf) for Bright Thought. We’ll see how he comes out of it, but he loves this turf course. It was a great time (1:58.27), so we’ll see.

“I told Tyler to use the seven horse (Big Kick) as his guide and he broke with him and just kind of relaxed him a little bit. He’s the kind of horse you don’t want too far off his target. When Tyler asked him, he took off and responded well.”


NOTES: The winning owner is Marjorie Dye and Alex Venneri of La Canada.