TYLER BAZE, ENOLA GRAY, WINNER: “This filly, she loves the hill. She loves the grass. She was just out there having fun. It takes her a few strides to get going but once she does, it’s like riding on a cloud.

“This filly is unbelievable. I can’t wait until next time.”



PHIL D’AMATO, TRAINER OF ENOLA GRAY, WINNER: “I’m dying to run her a mile on grass. The way she galloped out today, Tyler couldn’t hardly pull her up.  If she comes out of this good, we’ll look at the Royal Heroine (Grade II, one mile turf on April 8).”



NICK ALEXANDER, OWNER OF ENOLA GRAY, WINNER: “This may have been her best race. It was the one I was most nervous about. We had Desert Steel on the other side of us. We had her pinned down the last two times and this time, she was on the outside of us. There was also a lot more speed in there today than in the last few races. So I was nervous, but she’s getting better.

“I think Tyler knows that what he does best is to just barely put any pressure on the reins. He’s pretty much loose reining her now. She can go so fast early and not get tired. If you saw her in the Winner’s Circle, she wasn’t blowing real hard. She has such a light touch on the ground. It’s not taking a lot out of her. I’m not an expert but she’s the damndest horse I’ve ever had.

Alexander was asked if he feels Enola Gray is living up to the high expectations he and others had for her sire, Grazen: “Mike Mitchell, Phil and I were Grazen’s biggest fans. That was the worst day of my life when he broke down here. I’m really excited that he’s got a huge book this year. People are finally starting to pay attention. His numbers keep getting better.

“He had that same speed that could go two turns. If they went with him, they got tired. If they waited for him to get tired, he didn’t. I can remember Garrett Gomez telling me, ‘this horse has another gear if I need it, but so far I haven’t needed it.’ He never was really laid down hard. He’s a cool stallion. He’s in my backyard six to eight months of the year and he’s getting them in foal 98 percent of the time.”


NOTES: Winning owner/breeder Nick Alexander is from Los Angeles.