BRICE BLANC, MISS SERENDIPITY, WINNER: “I tracked Emollient our last time out and my mare backed up on me so I tracked her this time as well, but I was able to ease up today. My mare has been improving with each race. She just needed to get acclimated. She was aggressive her first few races and they wanted to try and change that style. It took us a little while to work on her but now she’s acclimating. I watched her replays before I ever rode her and she’s always impressed me”

ROSIE NAPRAVNIK, EMOLLIENT, SECOND: “She felt great. I was full of horse the whole way but she really hangs when she gets out front. She ducked when I got her with the stick and she was a little bit all over the place in the stretch. She’s super-talented. I just think it’s more of having to trick her into doing the right thing.”

COREY NAKATANI, PARRANDA, THIRD: “She ran a big race last time but the pace and the conditions were different today. The pace was a little softer today and the course is softer, too. They were going too easy midway and that hurt my chances.”


RON McANALLY, MISS SERENDIPITY, WINNER: “They keep improving, the South Americans. Sometimes they get on it right away, but even Bayakoa, her first race or two, she got beat, then she won a little stake at Del Mar by 10 lengths . . . Other ones, they come around right away. This mare took a little while, but she finally came around.

“I wasn’t sure whether she got beat or not . . . She’s run on anything, dirt, grass, soft and firm. I’ve liked her since we got her last summer at Del Mar. She’s got a good disposition and everything about her was good and she finally put it all together. She wasn’t really doing well the first few races. She had long hair . . . We did clip her; the only horse we clipped this year and when we did, she had little bumps all over her, and they all went away. She looks great right now.”

NOTES: The winning owner/breeder is Anselmo Emilio Cavalieri of Key Biscayne, FL.