GARY STEVENS, CORDIALITY, WINNER: “I was a little concerned that she might be rank today because of the trouble line in the Form from her last race (‘Pulled, steadied early’) but Mark said he was confident she’d settle, that the only reason she was rank the last time was because it was her first time running down the hill in a long time.

“He was right, she settled real nice, but I kept wondering, ‘Where is all this sprint speed in here?’  As it was, we got away with a half in 48 and three (fifths) and she exploded the last three sixteenths.”

When informed earlier that Baze, who had been transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena for xrays, had checked out with no injuries, Stevens said, “I was so glad to hear that Tyler is okay and I know he’s looking forward to getting back on this mare.  It’s always great to ride for Mark. He gives very few instructions and I’ve known him since he was a small boy and I was riding for his Dad (Ron Glatt).”


            KENT DESORMEAUX, MOONLESS SKY, EIGHTH: “It’s disappointing, she pretty much ran the same as she did last time (seventh as the 5-2 favorite in a one mile turf second condition allowance). Just no response.”



            MARK GLATT, CORDIALITY, WINNER: “I thought there would be a lot stronger pace today to be honest. This mare is versatile enough though that she can be up close, and they obviously walked early on, so she was up close, but I think she could have laid third or fourth too. She has that sprint speed.

“She has been a really nice claim. The only thing they could have done a little different for us was to make her Golden State eligible, that’s why we had to supplement her.

“It’s an easy decision now, but beforehand we had run through her conditions so it was either run her for a tag now or try a Cal-bred stakes and come up with the $25,000 supplement fee. We made the right decision luckily.

“The day of entries Craig O’Bryan called me and said ‘Enola Gray is pulling out of the stake, do you want to go? I can ride her with Tyler.’ I said ‘Yeah, let’s go!’ That’s just the luck of the game sometimes. But then, unfortunately, Tyler gets hurt (in an earlier race and turned out to be ok but had taken off all remaining mounts) so I was right back to why I didn’t want to go in the stake (as Tyler Baze is also the regular rider for Enola Gray.) So, it was a combination of not wanting to face Enola Gray and not getting Tyler Baze to ride that made our original decision not run in here.

“It seemed like an easy decision but we just got lucky.

“Gary (Stevens, who picked up the mount for Baze) rode her perfectly and we’re very lucky together. He’s won a lot of stakes for me too so I had all the confidence in the world. But, when you’re putting up $25,000 you want to change as little as possible. Luckily Gary’s horse scratched earlier in the day otherwise I don’t know where I would have gone. It was easy when it happened because Gary was available.”




            LEE DRUMMOND, PART-OWNER, CORDIALITY, WINNER: “That was fun! We had to supplement her so that was a lot of pressure. We just thought she had been doing so well…We claimed her up at Sacramento and we felt like she was doing well and when we saw Enola Gray not enter the race, we decided to take a shot.”