VICTOR ESPINOZA, ROVENNA, WINNER: “I don’t know how important it is to be on the lead today, that’s her style anyway. I think the most important thing is to let them do their thing. I wanted to take a little jump at the half-mile pole to open on the field. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. Today, it worked.

“I’m going to ride California Chrome the way I always do. I’m going to break fast and let him be happy.”

TYLER BAZE, HARLINGTON’S ROSE, SECOND: “I had a pretty good trip. I just wanted to let Victor (Espinoza, on favored Rovenna) get ahead of me and I wanted to just follow him the whole way. Going into the turn, I had Bejarano (Cause Ur My Babe) on my outside and Gutierrez (Sprouts) on my inside. I had my position but I was getting bounced around like a ping-pong ball. For my filly to stick through that and not throw in the towel, like a lot of horses would have, was amazing, she’s a game filly. I think she was the best horse.”


MICHAEL MACHOWSKY, ROVENNA, WINNER: “She just keeps getting better and better. Victor has done a great job. She has been running against some fine horses. She has been grinding it out and has really blossomed. We have a ton of options for her. We definitely are looking at Cal Bred options, but if there is a nice spot for a graded race we’d like to try that.” today to beat that horse. I really think our horse probably needed two races before this race. She should be better next time.”

STEVE KNAPP, HARLINGTON’S ROSE, SECOND: “She ran a good race. Tyler knew we had to stay near the winner and he said he got ping-ponged in there. I thought in my heart we would win today, but we were second.”

NOTES: Winning owner Donald Dizney is from Ocala, FL.