MIKE SMITH, HECK YEAH, WINNER: “Equipment change and surface change – and they both worked extremely well. He was so uptight last time (with blinkers), and he was much more relaxed and better today – on the muscle, but much better. I like him better on the dirt, too.”




            BOB BAFFERT, HECK YEAH, WINNER: “I shouldn’t have run him back in that turf race (Pasadena, March 17) going long. But he came out of it well. I took the blinkers off (today). Last time in the paddock he never relaxed. He used himself up last time.

“He came into this race really nice, he was relaxed, he was a gentleman today. He’s a race horse.”


BOB BAEDEKER, HECK YEAH, WINNER: “In his last race in the paddock, he was a little high strung but he knows it’s game day and just wants to go. It’s just a real fine line. You want him to relax a little bit but Mike [Smith] fought him a little bit. He didn’t go to the gate last time but today he settled down beautifully in the paddock so I knew he was going to run his race. He’s just a tough little horse. He likes to fight, he’s very competitive and he’s the best thing about this game. He’s a Cal-bred but we bought the mother for $12,500 from Mike Pageler, the breeder, and he had this little guy. Bobby [Baffert] was good enough to take him for me and it’s just been such a thrill.”


MICHAEL PAGELER, BREEDER, CO-OWNER, HECK YEAH, WINNER:  “This never gets old I can tell you that. Bob’s done a great job with him and taking the blinkers off today made a big difference. You could see he was more relaxed and he finished better.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Robert Baedeker, Michael Pageler, and Dr. Michael Sigband.