MIKE SMITH, THE CHOSEN VRON, WINNER: “That is a nice colt there.  He’s got a good head on his shoulders.  He came from off the pace to win.  There was a big speed bias today and I think he was the only one to come off the pace.  I think this colt can go further and run against open horses.  When I asked him, he took dead aim and cruised right past them.  This horse has a lot of class.  I really like him.”


          ERIC J. KRULJAC, THE CHOSEN VRON, WINNER: “Considering the way the race went about and him not really breaking, you just don’t know that a young horse will take the dirt in their face, he got a ton of it, and ran right through it. My partner john Sondereker has a horse named Kiss Today Goodbye and he will not run through, that’s the only problem with him. This one made up for it somewhat. We’ll put them in a stalls next to each other so they can talk strategy.

“After we gelded him, he settled right down and has been very professional ever since. Just very easy horse to train.

“He has always broken well and gone to the front, but today he didn’t break very quickly. There was a bit of a ruckus at the start so that might have been why he didn’t break as well, but it’s nice to know your horse will run through dirt if need be, and he needed to today.

“It’s nice to have someone like Mike on the back of your horse, because he can go to plan B in an instant. My son won in the 11th race today, so it was a great day for the Kruljacs!”


            NOTES: The winning owners are Eric Kruljac, Robert Fetkin, John Sondereker, and Richard Thornburgh.