TIAGO PEREIRA, TOUCHING RAINBOWS, WINNER: “I got the feeling for the race, I had good speed in the race and I tried to close. I think the number five had more speed today but my horse was running easy.

HERIBERTO FIGUEROA, RICHARD’S BOY, SECOND:  “He showed a lot of speed, he broke well, once I saw myself in front I tried to make him relax and he did, but the other horse ran us down good, so congratulations to Tiago.”


PHIL D’AMATO, TOUCHING RAINBOWS, WINNER: “I thought maybe Heck Yeah would be a little closer on the pace but Tiago judged it right when he saw that horse was kind of struggling into the turn, and he just decided to make his move and go after the horse on the lead there and we wore him down late.

“I think he loves six furlongs, and that day at Del Mar that day, it was like a deep muddy sand trap, so I think all the speed horses kind of died that day, but today he got a track he likes and skipped right over it.

“The race set up pretty well. Tiago (Pereira) had him in the right spot and I liked that he pressed the button at the right time. He got him close enough to the other horse to engage him and wear him down.

“Hat’s off to Tiago. He’s not the easiest horse to ride. You have to press the button at the right time and Tiago did just that.”

ON THE CAL-BRED PROGRAM:  “It’s been very good to me. I’ve been very fortunate to win a lot of Cal-bred stakes, and I just tell everyone out there to breed to Cal-breds.”

“California stakes have been very good to me, since I started training and hopefully we can get one or two more here.”


RYAN COSATO, SLAM DUNK RACING: “I was a little concerned when I saw Richard’s Boy was out there by himself, no one pressuring him, but when I saw him go a little quicker than 22 and one it gave me a little hope that we could reel him in, but I never like to see Pete Miller alone on the lead. That makes me very nervous. ”

“Tiago and Phil seem to have a pretty good relationship. We haven’t been able to ride him on many of our horses, unfortunately, but a lot of the jockeys are out of town today for the Pegasus and Tiago’s been riding well lately, so we decided to give him a shot and rode the horse perfect today.”

NOTES: The winning owners re KM Racing Enterprise, Inc., Madaket Stables LLC and Slam Dunk Racing.