MARTIN GARCIA, BETTYS BAMBINO, WINNER: “My horse hit me in the head and then he hit me in the (right) knee, too, against the gate. He was leaning on my knee that was in between him and the gate. In the moment the win was just exciting with the adrenaline. Now . . . I just need to go to the doctor to get checked out.”


COREY NAKATANI, SWEET SWAP, THIRD: “I was in a garden spot. I thought I had a ton of horse and I just got out-kicked today. I wouldn’t have changed my positioning with anyone, he finished up good . . . we just got out-kicked.”




PETER EURTON, BETTYS BAMBINO, WINNER: “He loves this course, and who knows, he might like a mile, but we never really had the opportunity. He was scratched at Del Mar going to the gate in a mile turf race when he blew his shoe and they had to scratch him.

“But he does love the downhill (course) and I don’t think we’ll ever change that. He needed a good (post position) draw because he kind of missed a little time after we scratched him at Del Mar, so it was a little funky . . . We won’t change anything for a little while (when asked about what race might be next) . . . We’re just kind of going to enjoy this one right now and see what comes up at a later date.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Sharon Alesia of Carlsbad; Michael Mellen of Shelton, Conn. (Bran Jam Stable); and Joe Ciaglia of Upland.