MARIO GUTIERREZ, B SQUARED, WINNER: “I don’t think we could imagine a better race than that. He broke with good speed. We didn’t know if he would have enough speed to be in contention. He broke nice and sharp and after that I just tried to manage him. I tried to stay clear turning for home.
“The short distance and the grass is different. The grass surface makes a tremendous difference. He’s a Square Eddie so he’s probably better in sprints but we tried to see if he could get a mile, 1 1/16, 1 1/8 but it didn’t work out for us, so we tried him in here.”


PAUL REDDAM, OWNER/BREEDER, B SQUARED, WINNER: “This was exciting. We were hoping this would help (shortening up to a sprint and moving to turf) and it did. Going 1 1/8 miles, he just doesn’t seem to finish. It looks like we’ve found the right thing for him now.”
“I thought Mario rode him great. He put him in a great spot, was tracking the speed he let him find his footing in the lane and then let him go. He had a good turn of foot.
“So now the question is, is it the shortening or the surface, since we did the double switch. We’ll find out I guess. We’ll sprint on the dirt and see if routing was what was making him not as effective as he could be.
“Square Eddie will get all of our mares, which is probably in the 30s. And maybe just a handful after that. He’s priced so that not too many people come to him. It’s kind of an odd strategy but the farm he’s at can only handle so much. If you want to breed to him, great. If you don’t, then you have to beat him.”

LEANDRO MORA, ASSISTANT TO DOUG O’NEILL, B SQUARED, WINNER: “He’s been running longer distances in his last few races, but now he’s back where he belongs. He finished really well and hopefully, this will get his confidence up.”