RAFAEL BEJARANO, IPPODAMIA’S GIRL, WINNER:  “Last time, she was (keen) early.  Today, after the first turn, she relaxed. I thought she could repeat her last race today and at the three eighths pole, I had so much horse, it was over.”





MIKE PUYPE, IPPODAMIA’S GIRL, WINNER: “I like the way she was training, things were going well. I was little leery of the post, you don’t ever like to draw outside because you don’t know how hard it’s going to be but Rafael did a great job of getting her into the right spot. The pace was moderate and she picked ’em off.

“I don’t know what 2018 will look like for her. There’s a list of stakes…watching her train…I hate to say the wrong thing but she’s really not much on the dirt. Her stride is different on the turf than the dirt. I think we’re staying on the grass because she struggles in the mornings on the dirt. But she has a beautiful stride over the grass.”


GEORGE SCHWARY, OWNER/BREEDER OF IPPODAMIA’S GIRL, WINNER: “It’s nice to get this win. I have to thank Mike, he saw something in her and here she is. I’ve been waiting for this a long time. She’s Georgie Boy’s half-sister so hopefully we’ll go places with her and I think we will. Thanks to Mike for helping us get here and hopefully we’ll get her back in the Winner’s Circle. Happy New Year to everybody, this is starting my new year off right.”