RAFAEL BEJARANO, VALE DORI, WINNER: “There were no excuses; I broke beautifully and I put her right there. I knew the two (Sensitively) was going to go so I let her go. I just tried to get my horse settled, get her comfortable. But when we got to the half-mile pole I saw that Tyler (Baze, on Sensitively) still had a lot of horse so I tried to put the pressure on and make us move a bit.

“When I got to the stretch I let her go. She showed me a big kick but she doesn’t like the whip at all. I touched her once and she put her tale between her legs and hit the brakes. Then I just showed it to her so she kept to her task and continued running.

“I was a little worried that Skye Diamonds was going to get to us; she was the horse to beat. I was concerned about the horse on the lead and the one right behind me so I had to make the right move.”




BOB BAFFERT, VALE DORI, WINNER: “She needed that stretch run. I’ve been sort of light with her. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to run her here and I just decided to throw her in. I’d rather just run her rather than work her.

“That other filly, Skye Diamonds, she’s not a bad filly. She’s getting good.

“Our little filly . . . you could tell she needed that race. Next time (Beholder Mile, Grade I on June 3), we’ll be ready. Her class got her through today. At least we found out that we can sit off and don’t have to be completely up there.”


BILL SPAWR, SKYE DIAMONDS, SECOND: “She was coming. A few more jumps and I think she’d have got there.”

Are all future options now on the table? “How ’bout a three-other-than (allowance)? I like to win.”


            NOTES: The winning owner is Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa al Maktoum.