GEOVANNI FRANCO, FAULT, WINNER: “I knew the pace was slow and the filly wanted to be closer but I decided to wait. I wanted to try and do what we did last time, which was to swing out and let her make her run. That’s what she really loves to do and she made the same run as last time.

“She’s really special.”


TYLER BAZE, SHENANDOAH QUEEN, WINNER: “Every time I got after her she really gave it to me. When she split horses, she really seemed to get pumped up and I know she liked it. She really accelerated through there. She’s nice!”




PHIL D’AMATO, FAULT, WINNER: “Considering how slow the fractions were and how far back she was and closing into those slow fractions, I thought that was very impressive performance by her.

“She’s just a pleasure to train. She’s one of those very honest horses in the morning. She trains well and she performs well in the afternoon. It’s good to show that she’s won three in a row on two different surfaces and shown nice consistency there.

“Belmont is a possibility. Between the Beholder (Grade I, $400,000 Mile Stakes here on June 2) and the Ogden Phipps at Belmont (Grade I, 1 1/16 miles on June 9)…those are two strong possibilities but we’ll just take it day by day with her and go from there.”


BILLY KOCH, PART-OWNER, FAULT, WINNER: “A lot of credit has to go to Mark Martinez, of Agave Racing. He’s how we got involved with her. He wanted to partner and move the horse out here to California. He contacted us and we jumped at the opportunity to be involved. Phil and his team deserve so much credit too. They do such a good job and he’s the best in the business as far as I’m concerned.

“She did her thing today. It’s really incredible and impressive with those fractions to be able to close like that, especially after losing all that ground. She lost ground around the first and second turn so that’s impressive, I thought we were done, I really did. Geovanni Franco did a good job of keeping her out of trouble. The credit for this win really goes to my partners, all of Little Red Feather. When we offer these horses, they jump at the opportunity and that’s very important. We have a great crew, everyone knows each other and it’s really a family.

“We’re looking at maybe a trip to Belmont for her next race, we might take on Big Sandy.”


NOTES: The winning owners are Agave Racing Stable and Little Red Feather Racing.