FLAVIEN PRAT, WHATMAKESSAMMYRUN, WINNER: “I guess it looked like (we ran into trouble) on TV, but no I was fine. It was a little tight but it was fine. He was a lot more professional when I got him outside and asked him to make a run. He was really going forward, it was nice.”


MARK GLATT, WHATMAKESSAMMYRUN, WINNER: “He’s got an awesome turn of foot, he’s a racehorse. I don’t know what makes him run but I’m glad he runs. Especially like that. He doesn’t like to be on the inside of horses and at the rail… I was hoping Flavien would be able to negotiate a trip and he was. It looked like he was running into a little bit of trouble around the turn but he didn’t make much of it. As soon as he got in the clear he looked like an airplane almost, getting ready for lift-off. He’s an exciting horse. Horses that have that kind of turn of foot and finish like that, they are fun to watch.

“I do think at his best, he is a late closing sprinter. I haven’t ran him a mile myself but if you watch the replays he just seems more comfortable laying back there, coming with a run around one turn. I think the Oceanside is a possibility, I would really be excited to watch this horse run down hill, there’s no telling what he might do coming off that hillside course, we’ll return to that at some point.”

NOTES: The winning owner is Sterling Racing LLC.