TYLER BAZE, AT THE SPA, WINNER: “Before the first time I got on her in the morning, Jorge told me he had something special for me.  I worked her and I told him he had a special one here. She pretty much showed how good she was first time out, she fell on her head leaving there and picked herself up to still win easily that day. Today she had to fight it out a little bit and she prevailed. She’s matured so much from the first race, she’s just getting better. It’s going to be a bright future for her.

“Jorge and Val (Brinkerhoff), the guy I just won the stake for, are very special people. They’ve given me support throughout my career and the family has just been great. We’re like a big family her and it’s just nice to be a part of the little guys for a change. It seems like the big guys always win all the stakes and to win it for the guys that only have five or eight horses, it means more, it’s pretty special to them.”




          JORGE PERIBAN, AT THE SPA, WINNER: “I really feel so excited because this filly really is a big filly. Since the beginning I knew she had so much talent, a lot of ability. I told Baze, before she ran, ‘I got something for you.’ And he believed me because we’re a good team. I had a lot of confidence, mucho. I can’t say what it was, but it was something in my heart said today’s going to be another win. I Tyler, ‘Hey, let’s go to the Winners’ Circle.’ he said, ‘Will do!’.”



TERRY C. LOVINGIER, PART OWNER/BREEDER, AT THE SPA, WINNER: “It was so exciting watching them come down. Watching two babies that I bred draw off together was very cool. I wasn’t sure if the gray filly was going get to her or not.

“We’ll be looking forward to the California bred races at Del Mar. We’ve also got a lot more babies coming up, so we will try to get them spotted and maybe some of them will find the open stakes levels too.”


            NOTES: The winning owners are Tom Beckerle, Saul Carrillo and Terry Lovingier (Breeder).