ARCADIA, Calif. (June 3, 2015)–The Stronach Group (TSG), long at the forefront of equine and human safety in racing, recognizes and has actively promoted significant advances in racing medication with the belief that safety measures and jockey welfare are paramount to the advancement and perception of Thoroughbred racing throughout the world.

In view of recent legislative efforts advanced by the “Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity,” which is supported by several industry groups, TSG reaffirms the following list of foundation principles it deems necessary for the continued growth and development of Thoroughbred racing on a national and international scale:

1.)    Mutually agreed upon, uniform testing procedures and protocols at all North American tracks, which include out-of-competition testing.

2.)    Nationally uniform rules that clearly define prohibited and permitted medications, substances and methods in all jurisdictions.

3.)    Regional testing laboratories that strictly adhere to uniform standards and which are subject to regular accreditation.

4.)    Penalties for violations must be uniform and administered in a timely fashion.

5.)    Investigations and prosecutions must be fair and uniform on a national scale.

6.)    Public perception is our highest priority. As such, the aforementioned objectives must be pursued enthusiastically by the entire racing industry in order to maintain a level playing field for our sports’ stakeholders and most importantly, the betting public.

The Stronach Group looks forward to the many challenges we as an industry face, and to building an ever brighter and more transparent future.