VICTOR ESPINOZA, ARTISTIC DIVA, WINNER: “Today’s start was easier than her last race since she had the experience. We know that she has a lot of speed out of the gate. In her first outing she had the horse next to her acting up and she missed a step or two out of the gate. She has always worked excellent on the dirt and with the way she was working, John thought she could handle dirt as well.

“Going into this race, I knew I would probably be on the lead but I wanted to go a bit slower. She has natural speed, she’s pretty fast. We train her in the mornings to relax but it doesn’t really work out. She has so much speed  that I just leave her alone; just let her go. I want her to get a little slower the first half mile and then after that, she can go. She can rate, and she shows that in the morning as well. Over time I think she’ll settle and the good thing about her is that we know she can run on turf and the dirt.”




JOHN SADLER, TRAINER, ARTISTIC DIVA, WINNER:  “She had worked in nine and four (for one eighth of a mile) at a 2-year-old in training sale, so we knew she was fast. She struggles a little in the morning with the dirt, but we knew she could handle it. We ran her on grass first time out at Del Mar because I had so many 2-year-old fillies, I had to separate them. How’s that for honesty!”


NOTES: The winning owners are Kosta and Pete Hronis of Hronis Racing, LLC.

Owner Kosta Hronis congratulates Victor Espinoza as trainer John Sadler (blue checkered shirt) looks on. 

Zoe Metz Photography throughout