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Box Seats

Box Seats

Relax in unperturbed comfort in your own personal box seat. Renovated to include seating from four to six and fitted with personal television monitors–broadcasting both onsite and offsite as well as live sporting events–the Club House experience is best complemented by these premium seats.

To purchase a box please call the Santa Anita Ticket Office (626) 574-6366.

Annual Club House Box

Reserve a personal box for the 2020 Winter/Spring and Autumn Meets. Annual box seat credentials include Club House Admission.
4-Seat Box $4,390
6-Seat Box $5,850
8-Seat Box $7,560

4-Seat Box $3,000
6-Seat Box $3,750
8-Seat Box $4,800

Please contact Carly Keeley at (626) 574-6319 or email at carly.keeley@santaanita.com to receive a reservation form.

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