1/ST presents

1/ST Charity Handicapping Challenge

1/ST Charity Handicapping Challenge

Ten 1/ST teams. One day of racing. A great cause.

On Sunday, October 25, the 1/ST Charity Handicapping Challenge will see some of the finest from the 1/ST team take on one another for the 1/ST Handicapping Championship, all while raising money for a great cause, the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation!

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Meet the 1/ST Teams

Aidan Butler (@aidanbutler) & Frank Mirahmadi (@frankmirahmadi)

Craig Fravel (@fravelcraig) & Mike Rogers

Acacia Courtney (@acacia_courtney) & Ron Nicoletti (@ronic17)

Billy Badgett & Pete Aiello (@announcerpete)

David Wilson & Nick Hines

Michelle Yu (@themichelleyu) & Peter Lurie (@peterlurievo)

Naomi Tukker (@naomitukker) & Stanton Salter (@mdhorseradio)

Nate Newby (@nnewby) & Tom Quigley (@quigleys_corner)

Sal Sinatra (@sinatra_sal) & David Rodman (@daverodman)

David Duggan (@annacotsteel) & Matt Dinerman (@3coltshandicap)

Jason Blewitt (@jasonblewitt30) & Zoe Cadman (@zoecadman)








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