Today's Racing Digest

In 1970, Today's Racing Digest was created for the survival of the horseplayer by offering many unique features from a variety of perspectives that give insight into the value and expected performance of every horse in each day's races. Proven with over 40 years of experience and over 20 million issues sold, Today's Racing Digest products and data are easy enough to be used by the first time race-goer but sophisticated enough for the professional handicapper. The "Digest" is published daily for tracks across the country. Through a combination of our extensive database utilizing sophisticated algorithms to create accurate performance, speed, pace, and class ratings along with our team of expert analysts, on track observers and handicappers, we enhance traditional handicapping information to make it more accurate, useful and relevant to today's race. From the easy to use Quick Picks and Race Analysis to the projected past performances, Fractional Charting and exclusive Workout Reports each edition includes something for all levels of handicappers. Today's Racing Digest can be purchased as a hardcopy at all major California Thoroughbred Tracks, OTBs and newsstands or electronically at


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