KENT DESORMEAUX, DALMORE, WINNER: “He drifts a little bit down the straight. I was checking my rearview mirror. He took me down towards the rail, but he was driving at that point. The most impressive part was that half-mile move to the quarter pole. That was all him, I never asked him. I hadn’t even used my horse yet and Rafael was driving. To me, I knew we had (Danzing Candy). It was a very explosive effort by Dalmore.”


RAFAEL BEJARANO, DANZING CANDY, RUNNER-UP: “He didn’t mind sitting in behind the speed, he just relaxed. When Dalmore came up our outside, that’s when I moved. I tried to get the jump on him. He relaxed well though.”




KEITH DESORMEAUX, DALMORE, WINNER: “I thought he merited a chance today and he proved me right.

“It’s been a nice three race series here with this horse. Each race (that he’s won), he’s had a perfect trip. I think that’s attributed not only to Kent’s prowess but also the fact that he’s had small fields and it’s always ended up a decent pace. Although, in the two previous races the pace was slower and today was quick, so good job by Kent judging the pace today.

“Knowing Baffert like I do, he’s always going to be on the lead. The surprise was Beaumarchais. It looks like I may have paid Simon Callaghan on the side to make sure the pace was legitimate. It was nice to see 46 flat. That had to help us.

“It’s obvious (that home court advantage is imperative with this horse). All three of his wins, all at Santa Anita. We’re a half mile from his stall and I think that makes a significant difference. I just have to keep in mind that if we go out of town to get him there earlier, maybe two weeks before.

“He got into a dog fight with Danzing Candy. It’s not like he drew away. Danzing Candy ran a helluva race.”

BOB BAFFERT, DANZING CANDY, RUNNER-UP: “Well, he was rating pretty good, but Beaumarchais was just going so fast. When I saw that second quarter in 46, I thought ‘Oh man.’ Dalmore is a good horse.”

            Notes: The winning owners are Big Chief Racing, LLC of Fort Worth, TX, Rocker O Ranch, LLC and Keith Desormeaux.