4th & 4 Contest

Want to combine your two favorite sports: football and horse racing? Every Sunday during the 2012 Autumn Meet, enter the contest for your chance to win $500!

How to Play

1. Pick up your 4th & 4 Contest Form at Sirona's Sports Bar (located directly north of the Paddock).
2. Fill out general information (so we can find you if you win!)
3. Choose the winners of four afternoon football games (we'll choose which games)
4. Choose the winners of the last four races at Santa Anita.
5. Write in the tie-breaker (we'll choose the tie-breaker)
6. Deposit Contest Form in designated Contest Boxes.


The contestant who has the most correct picks will win $500. Only in the event of a tie, will the tie-breaker be put into effect. Good luck!

For official rules, click here