GARY STEVENS, BEHOLDER, WINNER: “They have done such a good job with her, she’s really matured from what I’ve seen just being a fan of hers and then being able to ride her right now. I just try and stay out of her way. She’s particular about what she wants and as long as she gets it she’s easy to deal with. When she swaps leads coming off the turn she lunges and it’s like she covers two lengths of what a normal stride is. I haven’t got close to the bottom of her yet. Maybe there’s not as much there as I think but it feels like there is still another gear.”

MARTIN GARCIA, AUTHENTICITY, SECOND: “I had a good filly. I just got beat by a good filly, too. I expected a little bit more speed, but it didn’t go like I wanted. But I was that close. When I asked her to go, she did go, but the other went better. A little bit more distance and my filly would be much better.”

ROSIE NAPRAVNIK, JOYFUL VICTORY, THIRD: “We usually draw the one hole with this filly, so we were thankful to draw the outside today but I still ended up running third. We were working much harder than everybody else around both turns and that probably cost us quite a bit; we were at a big disadvantage on both turns. The pace did slow a bit and she likes to run freely but . . . she still ran a good race today.”

In response to how this race sets Joyful Victory up for The Breeders’ Cup.

“We finished second in this race last year as well and they decided not to go to the Breeders’ Cup so you’ll have to ask (trainer) Larry about that.”


RICHARD MANDELLA, BEHOLDER, WINNER: “It (her win) was as easy (as it looked) from my box. I didn’t have any trouble. It looked as easy as it appeared.

“Gary (Stevens) is a great rider. He always has been . . . but I don’t want to take away from the filly. The filly’s very special. I’m very proud of her. She’ll go in the ($2 million Breeders’ Cup) Distaff (on Nov. 1) after this . . . She’s just a filly that really likes the fight. She likes going to battle and it comes out when the race is run.”

Asked about facing older horses: “Anytime you try something different it makes you nervous, when you’re responsible for a horse like this. She couldn’t look any better or be doing any better, so I had a lot of confidence.”

LARRY JONES, JOYFUL VICTORY, THIRD: “It was a good horse race. No excuses. We had a good clean trip. We had to run a little. It’s been a long time since we raced. We set this up on purpose knowing we’d fire back pretty quick for the Breeders’ Cup. If all goes well, she gets back to Churchill well, we’ll be back.

WAYNE HUGHES, BEHOLDER, WINNER: “Our whole goal this year was to get to the Breeders’ Cup again. So Richard Mandella did a great job picking the races and the pace and everything else. We were happy to be here and it was nice to win.”

NOTES: Winning owner B. Wayne Hughes (Spendthrift Farm, LLC) is from Lexington, Ky. he celebrated his 80th birthday today.