RAFAEL BEJARANO, TIZ FLIRTACIOUS, WINNER: “She’s been running really well the past few races. I was hoping there would be a little speed today, but there wasn’t . . . Before the first turn she was rank because we were going so slow, but once she relaxed she picked it up. This horse has a lot of experience and she ran good.”

MARTIN PEDROZA, BEST PRESENT EVER, ALSO-RAN: “Unfortunately, it’s a shame something like this happened in a stakes race. It happens. My saddle went forward. I had no control. I had no control or guidance of my horse. The saddle was going like I was going to fly over her neck. I took my feet out of the irons and put them back in and that was a mistake.

“My saddle was going forward and I had no control. No control. It was like driving a car from the back seat. But I’m fine. I’m very fine.”


MARTY JONES, TIZ FLIRTATIOUS, WINNER: “We’re real happy with her effort. She got a little aggressive the last time she ran, so I told Rafael (Bejarano), ‘Just try to get her to settle the first part of the race.’ They were going slow the first part, so she was still tugging a little bit, but when she switches off and relaxes, she’s really got a great kick. Hopefully we can get back into graded stakes after this. “I was a little concerned about the rain the last couple days, no doubt. But this turf seems to handle the weather good, and the rain cleared out of here just in time to really put us at ease.”

NOTES: The winning owner/breeder is Pamela Ziebarth of San Juan Capistrano.