RAFAEL BEJARANO, JERANIMO, WINNER: “I had a ton of horse from the beginning all the way to the end. I never had to use the stick. He just galloped the whole race. Coming into the stretch I asked a little bit, and he responded with a big kick. The way he ran today was impressive.”

(Is it important to keep an older horse, like Jeranimo happy?)

“(Jeranimo) has run so often that he knows what he’s doing during a race. You can put him wherever you want. He can be on the lead or he can come from behind. He always comes up with a good run in the end.”

JOSEPH TALAMO, CHOSEN MIRACLE, THIRD: “I don’t know if I would have won, but I would have run a good second if that horse wouldn’t have pressed me. It just went too quick up front. My horse really ran hard though.”

GARRETT GOMEZ, SLIM SHADY (GB), SIXTH: “The horse ran flat today.”


MIKE PENDER, JERANIMO, WINNER: (In response to his successful partnership with winning owner B.J. Wright) “What else can you say about B.J. Wright? Many articles have been written about him, and he’s the man. We met one another when I was just a kid, ten years old, and we found each other here at the racetrack once again. This is the house that B.J. Wright has built.”

(In response to when Jeranimo will run again)

“We have always had dreams of running in the Arlington Million. We think this horse can go a mile and a quarter if he gets his trip and gets the right pace in front of him. As he gets older we are going to try and turn him into a marathoner. He might just surprise a few people. I don’t think he’s ever been a miler but that’s where we were in the last couple of years.”

Notes: The winning owner is B.J. Wright of Pasadena, CA