EDWIN MALDONADO, COMMA TO THE TOP, WINNER: “With the speed scratching, we felt we would go for the lead and it worked out good. I felt I had a ton of horse under me at the end. The horse drifted out late, but the middle of the track was the hardest part of the track. I am most appreciative of (trainer) Peter Miller for giving me the opportunity (after Corey Nakatani took off the mount due to a spill earlier in the day). We’ve had a good day together. I got Peter two wins and a third.”

DAVID FLORES, CAPITAL ACCOUNT, FOURTH: “He broke good. The pace was fast, they just never slowed down in front of us.”


PETER MILLER, COMMA TO THE TOP, WINNER: “Words can’t describe a horse like this. He’s gone through so much, but he wants to beat you. He’s just an iron horse. He’s a $22,000 gelding and you wish you had a barnful of them. He makes training easy. He’s a pleasure to work around. He tries every time. He just wants to please you. The owners deserve this. They’re great guys and I’m really happy for them.

“It looked like all the winners were coming in the middle of the track, so I told him (Maldonaro) to try and keep the horse in the center part of the track, and he did that. This has been an unbelievable year, but there’s no rest for the weary. We’ve just got to try and keep on winning, you know.”

Next race? “We’ll probably keep him sprinting. I think he just might be a little better sprinting right now than he is going long, and probably keep him on the main track.”

NOTES: With his first-place earnings of $60,000, Comma to the Top became a millionaire with $1,027,696.

The winning owners are Gary Barber of Los Angeles, Roger Birnbaum of Beverly Hills, and Kevin Tsujihara of La Cańada.