GARRETT GOMEZ, MARKETING MIX, WINNER: “You never know how things are actually going to set up in a race. I know this mare; she’s really handy about what needs to be done at certain parts of the race. She’s just pure class. She was able to listen to what I was asking of her. I saw the two leaders hook up early on. They opened up six or seven on us, and I was using the next two horses as my cover but they just couldn’t keep up. I enjoy using my cover to pull me to the leader but I ended being the one that was starting to pull the rest of them along. I don’t like to do that too much, but you can do that when you have a quality horse, and she’s a quality horse. She proved it today.”

ROSIE NAPRAVNIK, NEREID, SECOND: “She was just a very, very nice filly to ride. I came from a little bit of a challenging post position on the outside and she was very easy to maneuver into a good spot. She responded when I needed to wait and when I needed to go, and she pushed her way through the horses and finished excellent.”


THOMAS PROCTOR, MARKETING MIX, WINNER: “She makes you high on her. She’s easy to train. She’s handled everything we’ve ever done to her. Last year, we hauled her back and forth to Canada four times, I think. When we discussed after the Beverly D. what to do, I told Craig (Bernick, Glen Hill racing manager), ‘It don’t matter what you do. She makes you look good.’ I’d have been disappointed if she got beat. That’s not a good way to go into the race, but you’ve have to be the way she’s run good all year.

JOHN SHIRREFFS, NEREID, SECOND: “She ran a terrific race and we’re very pleased with her race. She got into stride and she was able to kick at the end, which is very important for turf racing. That was big for her today.”

NOTES: The winning owner is Leonard Lavin of Glen Coe, IL, who races as Glen Hill Farm.