JOE TALAMO, CALIFORNIA FLAG, WINNER: “At the break I just let him get out to the lead. He relaxed fine and did what he is known for. It was almost like déjà vu.”

JOSE VALDIVIA, SAYIF, SECOND: “He ran huge. Patrick told me had been training good and he ran like it, I thought for a second the layoff would hit the other horse, but he [California Flag] won in the Breeders’ Cup [Sprint] a couple years ago, my horse ran big.”

RAFAEL BEJARANO, COMPARI, THIRD: “My horse ran well. No excuse. The horse on the lead never stopped. I was in a perfect position but no excuse for my horse.”


BRIAN KORINER, CALIFORNIA FLAG, WINNER: “He didn’t spurt away quite as far as I thought he would, but he just kept on going today. It was nice. Joe went ahead and let him show his class. He wasn’t exactly flying today, because he’s seen crazy fractions coming down the hill before. It was nice to see him back. I love the horse, and when I was being interviewed a couple days ago I predicted that he would win this race. I just thought the horse would win because he’s doing really good and is super sound. The horse just loves what he’s doing.”

PATRICK BIANCONE, SAYIF, SECOND: “This is a horse that came in form in the Sunshine Cup (England) in the summer. He had a very good period last year and he is just coming back to his form. We are very happy with him”

MARTIN JONES, COMPARI, THIRD: “He ran hard. He didn’t have a real smooth break and gave up a little position early on and nobody went with that horse (California Flag), who kind of got an easy lead. He couldn’t run him down. I was proud of his effort.”

CARLA GAINES, IRISH HEART, FOURTH: “He was just too far back, there was just too much ground for him to make up.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Barbara Card of Murietta, California; E-Racing’s Jim Atwell from Sunnyvale, California; John Fradkin of Santa Ana, California; and Kevin Jacobson of Sunol, California.