JOEL ROSARIO, COURTSIDE, WINNER: “He likes to run on the lead like that, and at six furlongs that is the way to do it. I just let him get away and hoped that he would hold on. To me it looks like he can hold on perfect at six furlongs. He ran very good today.”

PATRICK VALENZUELA, BOB BLACK JACK, SECOND: “He ran a great race. He’d been out for a while. He ran very fast. He was kind of stuck on the inside. I couldn’t get my way to the outside. He tried. He got second place.
“I liked this horse. I thought he was going to win it but nobody went with the leader. If I had went with him I think I would have killed both of us. I would have just rather sit off and hopefully somebody else would go up with him but nobody went with him and we ended up running second.”


LARRY BENAVIDEZ, ASSISTANT TO JOHN SADLER, COURTSIDE, WINNER: ‘’I just told Joel to ‘go to the front, who cares about the other speed, just go.’ Since he won in the slop (last March 11) he’s gotten his confidence up and kept improving.’’

JAMES KASPAROFF, BOB BLACK JACK, SECOND : ‘’We’re very happy, very delighted with the race. I probably got beat by recency today. As long as he comes back good we’ll be running in something bigger and better.’’

NOTES: Sadler is in Kentucky preparing his horses for the Breeders’ Cup. Winning owners are Susan and Lee Searing of Rancho Cucamonga who race as the C R K Stable.